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Aqualux Compro Preview
Aqualux Compro Preview
Aqualux Compro Preview

Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

Whether you choose a custom-designed pool, or prefer to choose one of the many options available in our catalogue, you can know for certain that your AquaLux pool is sure to impress.  Our exquisite selection of swimming pools is available in both in and above-ground varieties, and can be either tiled or made from fiberglass.

Each of our valued clientele has the option to custom-design the size, style, build materials, and depth of their pool, ensuring that the product we deliver is tailor-made to their unique needs and desires.

At AquaLux, we are confident that we have the team, expertise, and proven track record needed to consistently deliver quality results that exceed expectations.

Our Process

Our AquaLux team has the capacity, experience, expertise, and credibility to deliver beautiful swimming pools tailored to the specific needs and expectations of our clientele. Each masterpiece that we create undergoes a rigorous and detailed preparation, construction, and finishing process designed to expertly meet client expectations in regards to pool aesthetics, functionality, and budget. Our swimming pool creation process is outlined as follows:

  • Determine the location and placement of the swimming pool, i.e., indoor, outdoor, or even rooftop
  • Design the pool according to the desired size, shape, depth, build materials, and other aesthetics
  • Choose the water circulation system type, i.e., skimmer or overflow
  • Determine and prepare the required timeline and budget
  • Place bow planks on location to determine the precise placement of the pool
  • Utilize heavy machinery or manpower in order to dig out the location of the pool
  • Place concrete blocks to form the wall barriers of the swimming pool
  • Create a cement work floor at the base of the swimming pool
  • Install reinforcing metalwork and/or a piling foundation depending on the land type
  • Install piping for the appropriate plumbing system
  • Apply formwork to serve as a mold for the cement pouring in shaping and construction
  • Pour cement into the prepared moldings
  • Perform concrete finishing and adhesive application to fill all pores in the cement
  • Apply waterproofing
  • Perform plaster leveling in order to further protect the waterproofing work
  • Install tile/mosaics on all floor and side surfaces of the swimming pool
  • Install natural stone decking around the outside of the swimming pool
  • Perform grouting in order to strengthen the adhesiveness of the tile
  • Perform deep-cleaning of the swimming pool
  • Install the pump, filtration system, lighting, and other accessories
  • Fill the swimming pool with water
  • Perform the initial water treatment/cleansing of the pool


The perfect place to sit back unwind after a long swim or an exhausting day, the jacuzzi is revered as one of the most luxurious places to relax with your family or significant other.

At AquaLux, we have the experience and know-how required to design, construct, and maintain international quality hot and cold jacuzzi facilities that perfectly cater to client needs and expectations.

Whether you are looking to install a relaxing new addition to your home, or aiming add a touch of luxury to your tropical resort facilities, AquaLux is here to help you achieve your unique vision.


Recognized as one of the best places to relax after a hard workout session, the sauna is quickly gaining popularity across the globe for its superb health benefits and the pleasant experience this specialty facility provides.

Whether you are looking to rest and recover after an intense workout, or simply desire to enjoy a relaxing detox session, our quality saunas are custom-built to your needs and are sure to deliver in every way.

Serving both the residential and tourism sectors, AquaLux has both the experience and expertise to design, build, and maintain world-class sauna facilities for every need.

Steam RoomSteam Room

Steam rooms are not only great places to find rest and relaxation after a challenging workday, but also boast great health benefits, including promoting better cardiovascular health for routine users.

We are delighted to provide our clientele with the convenient option for the installation of an exquisite steam room facility in their homes or business venues.  Our experienced AquaLux team has the skill and insight to expertly realize the perfect steam room for you.

World-Class Water Treatment SystemsWorld-Class Water Treatment Systems

When considering building a pool for a development project or for residential use, it is important to understand the critical role that water treatment plays in creating a safe, sparkling, and clean swimming environment.

At AquaLux, we connect our clientele to a wide array of fully-integrated water treatment systems to ensure that your pool water stays both fresh and clear all the time.

Our team is able to expertly install and apply all relevant pumps, filtration media, pool chemicals, and more to guarantee that your swimming area is both as beautiful and as low-maintenance as possible.